Alarm Security System Installation

One of the best ways to fortify your business and home is an advanced security system. Our long history of excellent services and responsiveness provisions you with best alarm systems and services. Our professional staff will install alarm systems including all doors and windows sensors that are capable to catch even the slightest movement when you are away.

CCTV Installation & Support

Nowadays CCTV is becoming utmost need for all home possessors and business owners due to increasing thefts and unwanted breakdowns. Cretizm Design offers you a complete range of CCTV installation, maintenance and support services at your call. We provision the latest and advanced technological peripherals to satisfy your requirements along with providing you the peace of mind.

Video Intercom

It’s indispensable to know who knocked your door before opening it. Whether you have a giant house or a compact one, you can be greatly benefited from a smart video intercom system. We provide video intercom setup and installation, so you can check who is standing on your doorway by simply looking at the intercom setup display screen.

Voice Controlled Lights

Long gone are the days of traditional light switches, voice controlled lights are as convenient as it sounds. We provide a complete myriad of voice control lights so you don’t have to search for the switches when you enter your home. Simply command the lights and they will be turned on. Isn’t this the easiest thing?

Answer Intercom from Smart Devices

Out of your home and curious to know who knocked your door? Well we have got you covered! With our advanced intercom systems you can check it from your smartphone device while sitting in any corner of the world. You can even link your smart echo devices to get world-class experience, while sitting on your chair.

Entertainment Setup

Bought a new home theater, but don’t want to mess with the installation right? You are simply not alone. Setting up entertainment system is an arduous task. Our geeks can setup your entertainment system to make sure you get the best output from it. We will also suggest you any add-ons to make it a breath-throbbing entertainment experience.