Apple Mac Service and Repairs

Searching “computer repair near me” won’t always land you on the correct place. At Geeks Computer Repairs, we are specialists in dealing with Apple Mac services and repairs in the suburbs of Sydney. From simple memory upgrades to complex server installations, we know how to handle it flawlessly. Our staff excel in Mac platform and will assist you with repairs, set-up and configuration with utmost ease.

Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions

We know how important your data could be. Our geeks are trained and skilled to offer cloud storage and backup options, so you don’t have to worry about your stolen or broken peripherals. “Geeks Computer Repairs” undertake every data backup and recovery assignment with utmost expertise.

Computer Setup, Diagnostic and Repair

We can simply handle any computer related issues. We are ready to face any challenge either it’s a general computer setup or arduous diagnostic and repair, our geeks can take-away all your troubles. We also provide several maintenance and diagnostic programs in order to maintain the integrity of your peripherals and to make sure that you are loaded with the best.

Computer Tune-up

If your computer is not performing to what you expect, we can help! Our computer tune-up services will fully optimize your computer to take out the best from it. At Geeks Computer repairs, we follow a detailed and bespoke approach to optimize your system’s performance up to the ballpark.

Data backup, Transfer and Recovery

It is miserable when you lose your crucial data like photos, documents or anything similar. However, we would be more than happy to recover that precious data for you. Our geeks can help you to recover data from flash drives, hard drives, memory cards or anything else that you use to store your data.

Internet and Email Setup

Our smart geeks will help you to setup email to maintain the communication flow and will also configure your email settings to avoid any email hiccups. We also cater IMAP and POP email services. So, if you encounter any email and internet related issue, we are here for you.

Laptop and Smart Devices Screen Repair

Geeks Computer repairs has always been the sovereign of phone and laptop hardware repair services in Sydney since years. Screen replacements for smartphones and laptops have always been our top expertise, look no further for all your screen repair requirements. We are here to help!

Mobile Device Setup

Do you own a smartphone or tablet? Most probably yes! There are a plethora of devices you can connect with your desktop. If you have a new smartphone and are facing issues with the setup and computer connectivity, you are on the right place. Our specialists will work with you throughout the setup process and will also guide you about advanced settings and features that you were unaware of.

Modem, ADSL, Cable installation and setup

Setting up your internet peripherals doesn’t require asking favors from your neighbor and involving a novice person when you have an expert like us onboard. Geeks Computer repairs specialize ADSL, modem and cable installation setup for your office and home, so you don’t have to worry about the complex cables and connections.

Network Setup, Security and Monitoring

Effective network setup and security monitoring isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A proper network requires a proper strategy and proficient staff. We are accredited and certified network security professionals and are capable to catch even the small malware threats that traditional monitoring tools are unable to catch.

Networking your devices – wireless and cable

Whether the ideation of a completely wired network is compelling you or you are looking to setup a wireless home network, we have a service vertical for everyone. We have adequate tools and techniques to network your device depending on your choice of platform. Even if you want us to expand your wireless or wired network, we will node in.

New Desktop & Laptop Sales

Buying a desktop or a laptop is a one-of-a-kind tough decision. You have to look at various factors and even seller reputation matters. Geeks Computer repairs has been considered as one of the most reliable names when it comes to dealing in laptops and desktops and their associated accessories.

One-on-One Computer Training

Whether you require learning novice computer skills or looking for an advanced one, we offer bespoke one-on-one computer service and training courses. Our proficient staff will provide you customized computer training on just any technological topic you probably can think of. Whatsoever your requirements are, you can learn from our experts choosing our cost effective plans.

Software Install & Configuration

Whether you are looking for software installation and setup services or want to configure your applications, Geeks Computer repairs has got you covered. Our best-in-class software installation and configuration services include installation of productivity software, operating systems, multimedia software, drivers, security software and peripherals including printers, scanners, routers, smartphones and much more.

Virus and Spyware Removal

If your network and devices have no built-in firewalls you are compromising with your security. Our experts have subtle knowledge and take use of advanced technologies for the virus and spyware removal. Our specialists can also check whether your computer is infected or you are safe. We will remove viruses and will install dedicated anti-viruses to fortify your integrity.

Virus, Malware and Spyware Protection

Are advanced viruses interrupting your tasks? Do you feel your devices are infected? We can tackle any sort of viruses and malware to affect your computer. We have a fleet of anti-malware software that catches both viruses and malware, preventing your prestigious information to corrupt down or get any data thefts.

WiFi Network Setup and Security

Setting up your WiFi network with attaining utmost security is a grinding task. At Geeks Computer repairs, we can help you to enhance the productivity and witness subtle growth in your business with our reliable WiFi network and security services. Besides your network safety, we will also make sure that your network is giving optimal results without any WiFi drop outs.