Losing irreplaceable data such as your photos or important scanned documents is an unfortunate experience. Most of the times if timely professional help is sought for diagnosis, this can go a long way in keeping your costs low and higher chances of recovery.

What we find normally is, clients try to recover by using generic low cost “Data recovery “ software or try different things found on the internet, for e.g putting inside a bag of rice, keeping the hard disk inside a fridge and even worst hitting the hard of the side in the hope the “Stuck” head will get released.

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss but definitely not when it comes to data and data recovery, paranoia is the right state of mind when it comes to your data and protecting it!
The technology within a hard disk is so complex it needs a professional with the right expertise to understand and diagnose the fault and applying the correct technique in recovering your lost data, one wrong move and you can pretty much say good bye to your irreplaceable data.

Geeks Computer Repairs can help you to recover data from hard disks that cannot be recognised, clicking, and formatted.
Data recovery prices start from $550.00 including GST, with an initial assessment fee of $55.00

If you are looking for data recovery services you have come to the right place why wait, please pick up your phone and book an appointment by calling (02) 84150266!