Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Disruptions are often ineluctable, but they do not have to slowdown your business operations. As the triumph of business IT continuity planning and disaster recovery, we can completely ensure that your business will remain productive and work with full thrust. Geeks Computer repairs also fortifies you from damaged reputation, financial losses, lost productivity and weakened client and partner relationship.

Capacity Planning and Performance Management

Our state-of-the-art capacity planning and performance management services are an amalgamation of managing, planning and optimization of your IT infrastructure in order to attain high performance in low costs. We are the only managed IT service Company in Sydney that offers these services with utmost satisfaction and lowest prices.

Custom Built Desktops and Servers

Do you own a business? Do you have a fleet of more than 5 employees? If yes, then your business should definitely consider a customized server network. Geeks Computer repairs builds supreme quality custom desktops and computer configurations exclusively for on-site and in-house operations. We take care that your each and every requirement is fulfilled before delivering the final consignment.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Geeks Computer repairs performs strict data recovery and backup services to optimize plans for data backup and recovery strategies to make sure your business thrives at a continuous pace. We also make sure to automate and maintain the critical processes of your business environment including applications, hardware and systems.

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Desktop Support – Maintenance, Installation and Repair

Technology is crucial for your business operations and to ensure it stays up is our duty. We provide managed IT services to both small and giant corporate companies. Our seasoned techs proffer advanced computer services to repair, diagnose or maintain desktop or laptop computers and the networks that connect them.

Email Setup, Spam Filtering and Archiving

Say adieu to email threats! Our smart and advanced email filters are must for every business out there. Email spam is continually becoming a threat to your performance, productivity and security. But why allow spam emails to ruin your day? We provide comprehensive solutions from setting up your email to deploying spam filters and archives.

Hardware Support – Provision, Installation, Setup and Repair

Our advanced hardware support includes hardware installation setup and the hardware repairs required by your systems and networks. Our hardware support services are inhibitory and remedial to optimize your hardware incorporating timely maintenance and hardware repairs. Keeping in mind the faraway clients, we provide telephonic and online technical troubleshooting to avoid interruptions.

Managed IT Services for Businesses

Our managed IT services provide a myriad of business related services for clients in various business verticals from retail to healthcare. Our services include complete IT management, routine maintenance and integrity checkups, 24*7 network monitoring and much more. One of the biggest benefits of our IT services is reduced costs and optimum IT performance.

Network System Setup and Configuration

Computer networks are the crucial pillars of any business. It needs to be secure, reliable and manageable. Geeks Computer repairs can assist you to install a new network or upgrade your existing networks. We completely rely on your business plans and install the networks to work in your favor. Our geeks can also suggest you appropriate equipment to fully utilize your networks without obstacles.

Remote Access Services

We believe your geographical location should not deprive you from your business operations. Our best-in-class Remote Access Services (RAS) is a perfect amalgamation of software and hardware which allows you to establish a remote connection to your computer from any location across the globe. With the help of our RAS services, corporate companies can connect to the corporate networks by VPN (Virtual private networks) or by our dial-up networks.

Networking your devices – wireless and cable

Whether the ideation of a completely wired network is compelling you or you are looking to setup a wireless home network, we have a service vertical for everyone. We have adequate tools and techniques to network your device depending on your choice of platform. Even if you want us to expand your wireless or wired network, we will node in.

New Desktop & Laptop Sales

Buying a desktop or a laptop is a one-of-a-kind tough decision. You have to look at various factors and even seller reputation matters. Geeks Computer repairs has been considered as one of the most reliable names when it comes to dealing in laptops and desktops and their associated accessories.

Server and Application Support

A reliable server and application support can be huge advantageous for your business. This will only happen if the right palette of methodologies and practices are implied. We assure subtle server and application support to aggrandize your productivity which will directly impact your overall business revenue, in cost effective ways.

Server Installation and Maintenance

Your server is the backbone of your network, and its software and hardware should be customized to your business needs. We make sure that your network is properly installed and timely maintained to function properly and prevent any downtime or any sort of loss of data. Our services include keeping your servers up-to-date so that your network can perform flawlessly.

Software Support – Installation, Registration and Provision

Our software support services help you to quickly adopt advanced technologies to achieve your business objectives. With a plethora of service level options, our geeks make sure to cater the best service experience like never before.  We enhance your uptime by providing better support experience in order to make your software investment worth. Whether it’s a minor window update failed or a complex software installation, we’re ready for everything.

Software, Hardware and Network Upgrades

Your software, hardware and network require timely maintenance and upgrades in order to perform up to the ballpark. We cater state-of-the-art software, hardware and network service to make sure that your systems are up-to-date and very well secured to maintain the integrity. We can also perform software installs and setup or hardware upgrades to satisfy your business needs.

Virus Prevention, Protection and Removal

Don’t know how to detect and remove virus? You are on the right place! Our advanced virus and spyware removal software range is the answer for you. Our geeks conduct several processes to detect the virus and remove it from the stem. We also make sure to install top-grade anti-viruses in order to enhance your system protection and performance.

Websites and Online Marketing for Businesses

Whether you are a startup or a corporate giant, you indispensably need correct website and online marketing strategies. Geeks Computer repairs is a managed IT service provider that offers exclusive marketing services to its clientele across the globe. Our services are perfect for anyone scrutinizing to invest in effective and smart marketing that delivers great ROI output in cost effective ways.

Wide Area Network Services

As your business organization grows, you require more locations and more people to handle the work. It’s imperative that your network infrastructure also strives to support your business operations. We provide WAN services from both multi-point to point-to-point solutions that help to increase WiFi coverage at dispersed locations in lesser costs.

WiFi Network System Setup

Looking for a new Wifi network installation or tired of WiFi dropouts and slow wifi? Geeks Computer repairs offers a comprehensive wireless network system setup service for all types of business organizations. No matter the size and structure of your organization, we can setup a complete WiFi network to enhance the connectivity promising no dropouts and faster speed.