Nowadays, more number of businesses is moving towards cloud storage as it is a safe service and is an easy substitute for hard drives. You might already be utilizing a cloud server for your individual folders and files through Google Drive or Dropbox. But, if you are running a website or a blog, more storage space is required.

From great security to enhanced flexibility, there are various reasons for trying out storage in cloud. In contrast to the conventional ways of back-up, cloud involves less cost and is much safer. So, here is why you must utilize cloud server for your site back-up.

Convenient to use

Cloud service does not require any programming skills or tech knowledge. You just need to go online and get your file access with the help of a web interface. You just need to have internet connectivity to access your data. Simple enough, right?


At the beginning of your blog, you are not aware of how much space you will need. Probably, you can get enormous traffic in a few weeks. Shared servers cannot manage volatile bandwidth requirements. Cloud offers that flexibility which you need to flourish your web-based business. There are no confinements since data can be accessed from anywhere.

Improvement in Safety          

With a cloud platform, your files are stored on encrypted and secure servers. You do not need to fret about natural disasters, fire or theft. For instance, saving images and blog posts in your laptop folder might be destroyed or stolen making you to lose everything. However, cloud reduces the data loss risk and your access would not be affected whether your PC or laptop is working or not.


While utilizing shared hosting, you are required to pay additionally with the growth of your website. Besides, it is also important to undergo regular back-ups. You will also need to hire a person for maintaining the servers if you have a large or medium scale of business. Switching to cloud minimizes your cost up to 37 percent. The service provider maintains, stores and even keep a back-up of your files for cheap monthly charges.


With cloud, you can easily send links to your virtual squad, rather than e-mailing the files. Labeling or saving information is not mandatory. This in turn, helps employees to share documents conveniently and work remotely. Hence, your staff is not confined by the terms of location.

If you are wondering that “Do I literally require cloud storage just because of a small website or blog?, you are going wrong. Conventional methods present a big risk of losing work. Cloud systems, on the other hand, are not vulnerable to such damages and your work is accessible and safe. It is quite a great idea switching to cloud; all you need to do is to find out a great service provider.